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Welcome to the Manuscript Tracking page of [Contusm Publications]. We understand the importance of keeping authors informed about the progress of their submissions. Please use the following information to track the status of your manuscript:

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Enter your unique Manuscript ID provided during the submission process to access the tracking details. Ex: ICARE-1025, WJHAM-1005, etc..

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What You Can Expect:
  • Submission Received: Your manuscript has been successfully received and is undergoing initial screening and checks.
  • Under Review: Your submission is currently being evaluated by our esteemed peer-reviewers.
  • Revision Requested: Reviewers have recommended revisions, and our editorial team is awaiting your updated version.
  • Accepted: Congratulations! Your manuscript has been accepted for publication.
  • Published Online: Your work is now accessible to the global research community on our website.
  • In Print: Your article is now published in our print edition and available in libraries and institutions.

Note: The manuscript tracking system is updated regularly, but there may be a brief delay in reflecting the latest status. If you have any concerns or queries regarding your manuscript's status, please feel free to contact our editorial team at [].

Thank you for choosing [Contusm Publications] for your scholarly work. We value your contribution to the advancement of research and look forward to supporting your academic journey.

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