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Title: World Journal of Health and Medicine
ISSN: 2584-0223
Journal Short Name: W J Heal Med
Category: All Medical Specialties, All Surgical Specialties, All Dental Specialties
Peer review: Double blind
Publication format: Electronic
Publication policy: Open Access
Publication type(s): Periodicals
Publication Started: 2023
Current Volume: 2
Publisher: Contusm Publications
Language: English
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World Journal of Health and Medicine (ISSN: 2584-0223)

World Journal of Health and Medicine (ISSN: 2584-0223) Journal is an international open access and double blinded peer-reviewed journal. At the World Journal of Health and Medicine, we are dedicated to advancing the fields of health and medicine through the dissemination of high-quality research and comprehensive reviews. Our mission is to provide a global platform for healthcare professionals, researchers, and practitioners to share their findings and insights, fostering a collaborative environment that enhances medical knowledge.

About Us

The World Journal of Health and Medicine publishes peer-reviewed articles covering a wide range of topics in health and medicine. Our journal features original research, case studies, clinical trials, and reviews that address current issues and innovations in medical science. We strive to present content that is both relevant and accessible to our diverse readership, which includes medical professionals, academics, and policy makers.

Our Focus Areas

We welcome submissions on various topics within the health and medicine sectors, including but not limited to:

  • Public health initiatives and outcomes
  • Clinical research and patient care
  • Advances in medical technology and pharmaceuticals
  • Health policy and management
  • Preventative medicine and health education

Recent Publications

Treatment-Resistant Vancomycin-Induced DRESS Syndrome in a Post-Operative Orthopedic Patient with Rare Lung Involvement


Comparison of Induction of Labour with Mifepristone and Misoprostol at Term V/S. Induction with Misoprostol Alone


Two Novel Strategies to Implement Universal Health Insurance in the United States


Correlation of Head Circumference with Body Length and Derivation of a Predictive Formula in Indian Infants below 1 Year


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