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Thank you for considering the Journal of International Case Reports as a platform to showcase your research. We welcome submissions from researchers, clinicians, and scholars across various medical specialties. Please carefully follow the guidelines below to ensure a smooth and successful manuscript submission process.

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Submission Guidelines:

Scope and Originality:

Manuscripts should present original and novel case reports that contribute significantly to the medical literature.

Submissions must be within the scope of the journal, covering various medical disciplines and rare or challenging cases.

Preparation of Manuscript:

Prepare your manuscript in English and follow the guidelines set by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE).

The manuscript should include a title, abstract, introduction, case presentation, discussion, conclusion, references, and any necessary figures or tables.

Manuscript Format:

Submit your manuscript in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) format.

Use a clear and concise font (e.g., Times New Roman, Arial) with appropriate font size and line spacing.

Cover Letter:

Include a cover letter with your submission, introducing the authors, the significance of the work, and any potential conflicts of interest.

Ethical Considerations:

All authors must comply with ethical guidelines and declare any conflicts of interest or funding sources. Ensure patient confidentiality is maintained, and obtain informed consent for publication where necessary.

Figures and Tables:

Include high-quality figures and tables that support your case report. Provide appropriate captions for each.


Cite references following the Vancouver citation style. Ensure all references are accurate and complete.

Submission Process:

Manuscripts should be submitted online through our submission system. Follow the provided instructions for a seamless submission process.

Review Process:

All submissions undergo a rigorous peer review process. Our expert reviewers will evaluate the quality, significance, and originality of the case report. You will receive timely feedback from the editorial team on the status of your submission.

Publication and Licensing:

If your manuscript is accepted, it will be published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license (CC BY 4.0).

This allows your work to be freely accessible and shareable, while ensuring appropriate credit is given to the authors.

We look forward to receiving your valuable contributions to the Journal of International Case Reports. By sharing your unique case reports, you play an essential role in advancing medical knowledge and improving patient care. If you have any inquiries or require further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our editorial office.

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